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  3. Your Closet - Play

    Purchase the necessary and purchase quality:

    - Two pairs of pants (khaki and blue or navy)

    - Four button down shirts

    - Six V-neck t-shirts

    - Three long-sleeve Henley shirts

    - Five polo shirts

    - One pair of blue jeans

    - Two pairs of 9” shorts (khaki and blue or navy)

    - One cotton blazer (blue or tan seersucker)

    - Two pairs of loafers (brown leather and suede in a playful color)

    - One short zip up jacket

    - One navy, zip up, pleated vest

    - One pair of ankle boots (distressed or wax leather)

    - One pair of suede leather gloves

    - One cross knit white sweater

    - One black or navy pea coat


  4. Your Closet - Work

    Purchase the necessary and purchase quality:

    - Five suits (grey, brown, blue or navy, charcoal, pattern)

    - Five blazers (herringbone, windowpane, double-breasted, beige, and corduroy)

    - Twenty shirts (ten button-end, ten French cuff)

    - Three pairs of shoes (black leather, brown leather, and suede in dark beige)

    - One pair of cognac leather boots (monk strap, zip up, or pull on)

    - Three leather belts (black, brown, and tan)

    - Twelve ties (selected for theme rather than to match)

    - Eight pocket squares (same as ties)

    - Two tie bars (one for skinny ties and one for classical)

    - Three sets of cuff links (two conservative and one playful)

    - Three wool V-neck sweaters (burgundy, grey, and navy)

    - Two cardigans (black and off-white or light cream)

    - Twelve pairs of socks (8 solid and 4 playful)

    - One dark grey, three-button overcoat

    - Two pairs of leather gloves (black and light brown)

    - Two cashmere scarves (navy plaid and taupe plaid)

    - One cotton scarf (herringbone, hounds tooth, or gingham)

    - One flat cap